What is so special about us? It’s the Oriflame Way: our secret that we are happy to share with everyone who joins our community. It’s practices and expectations guiding our thinking and behavior. It unites and evolves us, it’s the engine that drives our growth and the heart that makes us vibrant and alive. We believe that when you know these values, share them and represent them, you feel comfort, safety and become your full self. 

The Oriflame House

The Oriflame House is the foundation of who we are, and contains the essence of everything we do. This includes our company strategy, what we offer, and our long-term vision for where we are going. 

All these aspects can be treated as the building blocks of Oriflame. It’s an illustration of who we are, and what we’re working towards. 


We are a global community of people passionate about fulfilling dreams. We like to work together – and have fun along the way! Oriflamians never back down from a challenge, and always treat each other with respect. We like to ignite new friendships and become inspired by our colleagues. Here you will see the amazing people working with us – and some of our leaders as well!

Anna Malmhake, President & CEO
Stefania Marian,Global Fragrance Category Senior Director
Monalisa Meer, Global Portfolio Director Asia
Antonia Simon-Stenberg, Vice President Sustainability, Quality & Packaging
Alexander Af Jochinck, Chairman of the Board
Anna Af Jochnick, Board Member
Katrin Alakbarov, VP and Head of Central & Western CIS, MD of Russia
Adam Muggleton – Director Cosmetic Technologies
Elisabeth Kark Ringmar, Director Wellness and Mind & Mood
Lene Visdal Johnsen, SRI Director
Alexandra De Greck, VP Head of Global Operations & Customer Experience